The International Police Agency Interpol believes the ISIS fighters may held suicide bombings in Europe in revenge for defeats in Iraq and Syria.

The International Police Agency Interpol has circulated a list of 173 ISIS militants could have been trained to organize suicide attacks in Europe in revenge for the group’s presage defeats in the Middle East.The agency drawn up the list from information captured during the assault on ISIS territories in Iraq and Syria.

European Intelligence networks are concerned that as the ISIS “caliphate” collapses, there is an increasing risk of determined suicide bombers seeking to come to Europe, probably operating alone.

However,there is no such evidence that any of the people on the list, whose names the agency has obtained, have yet entered Europe, but the Interpol circulation, designed to see if EU intelligence sources have any details on the individuals, underlines the scale of the challenge facing Europe.

The general secretariat of Interpol on 27 May sent out the list in which he defines the group of militants as individuals that may have been trained to organize and mount explosives in order to cause serious deaths and injuries. He believed that they can travel internationally, to participate in terrorist activities.

The list shows the suspects’ names, the date IS recruited them, their last probable address, their nick-names and any photographs. For each of the militants an ID was created to ensure that each member country in the Interpol network could integrate the data with local databases.

Interpol has asked its partners for any information they might have about names on the list, and any other personal data they have on their files, such as border-crossings, past criminal acts and offenses, social media activity,  bio-metric data, passport numbers and travel history. The information will then be added in Agency’s ASF (Automatic Search Facility) database in order to possibly put the names on a higher level watch list.

A European counter-terrorism officer said one of the aims of circulation of the list around Europe was to identify those who might have been born and raised in European countries.

In 2015 the UN stated that there were 20,000 foreign militants in Syria and Iraq, of whom about 4,000 were from Europe itself, but there has not previously been a specific list of those militants .

The Islamic State is currently struggling with the loss of Mosul following a battle that produced some of the most brutal fighting since the end of the World War-II.


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